A Parfait Thanksgiving

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A Parfait Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks and for many too over indulge. This year we were to celebrate thanksgiving alone so we accepted an invitation to have the dinner at a friend's home. Given that, I did not cook anything. It was an odd feeling. Anyway, lees than a mile from their home the car stalled and refused to restart. With the assistance of a local policewoman, we ordered a tow truck to take us to my auto repair shop and then home. After 15 minutes of waiting, bored, I turned the ignition and the car started. I cancelled the tow truck. Thanked the police office, and call my friends to tell them we were returning home. Thankfully, we made it back home without incident (I took the car in the following day and they fixed the problem).

Now perhaps you are thinking, what then could he possibly have eaten for the all important Thanksgiving dinner? Being a foodie is a full time job and I accept the responsibility willingly. Within forty minutes we sat down to a deep fried breast of turkey, smoked turkey gravy, garlic parmesan mashed potatoes, whole-wheat dinner rolls and a glass of an oaky chardonnay. I asked my wife if she wanted a salad and she said she would rather have an indulgent dessert, therefore no greens. My wife had prepared a New York style cheesecake for the dinner at my friend's house, but I thought we deserved more. I prepared a vanilla whipped cream and layered the following a tablespoon at a time: whipped cream, apple pie, whipped cream, cheesecake, whipped cream, pound cake, whipped cream, homemade chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and a maraschino cherry . It was delicious. It was extravagant and it topped off a very different thanksgiving. So, the recipe of the week is Whipped Cream. After all, you can raid your pantry and make the parfait that best uses whatever desserts you have around the house. Enjoy!

VoIP and SIP Trunking made only a little bit of news over the holiday weekend. Peripherally, it made news with regard to Nortel as they continue to have a fire sale. Nortel has raised $2.9 billion selling portions of its bankrupted company and one its best performing units remains, Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions. Additionally, several wireless service providers are looking to SIP to support their growing Wi-Fi and 4G wireless efforts. In fact, Broadvox is testing with a Wi-Fi carrier right now. I'll keep an eye on these going forward. In the meantime, we are nearing the end of the year and it is time for your prospects to make some strategic buying decisions. Remind them of the disability tax credit, the reduction in monthly spend by transitioning to SIP and the freedom they will enjoy by cutting the apron strings of the TDM carriers!

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