Adtran, Jawbone and the SIP Trunking Market

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Adtran, Jawbone and the SIP Trunking Market

Adtran held an interesting partner event this week in Huntsville, Alabama. Broadvox was invited to attend as we are one of their SIP Trunking service providers. I went with relatively modest expectation and no specific agenda. Upon landing I shared a shuttled with one of our better VARs from the Dallas area. This allowed us to get caught up on some deals that have been languishing for several months, enterprise, of course. The first person I saw in the lobby prior to registering was Rich Tehrani. Of course, he and I speak at each of the IT Expos but this week it gave me a chance to discuss a little about the industry and my new smoker. And finally, our Adtran host for the two days, Ted Cole, VP Channel Sales, was an old friend and co-worker from my days at Tandem Computers, now the HP Non-Stop product line. But what did I learn?

Adtran put on a good event with Tehrani discussing current and future industry trends. The Adtran product managers positioned their offerings with the support of end-user testimonials, and Adtran gave us the opportunity to see their campus and visit with other executives. Broadvox has been sold in conjunction with the Adtran 900 series for quite a few installations and we are certified with the NetVanta IP PBX supporting the SMB market. Broadvox is also a customer of Adtran with its products integrated into our private IP Network. It was a good two days.

Jawbone, What a device!

Returning from our vacation last week, we had a lot of laundry. I mistakenly left my Jawbone earpiece in a pair of my shorts and it went through the full wash and dry cycles. My wife handed it to me hoping it would be okay. I had little doubt it was toast. My first attempt to turn it on failed. I decided to charge it. Surprisingly, it indicated that it was charging and three hours later, it turned on. It works just fine, and it is cleaner; an amazing device.

SIP Trunking

Broadvox has had an amazing year of growth with SIP and market is seeing its adoption rate accelerating. According to Infonetics, 39% of respondents representing medium to large companies have deployed SIP Trunking and intend to expand the deployment across their companies. In a separate report the entire VoIP Market is reported to have grown to $20.7 billion for the first half of 2009. Whether the growth is attributed to current economic conditions or acceptance of the technology remains debatable. My opinion is that the economy is driving the business adoption rate and broader deployment of technology options (Skype, Google Voice, VoIP via Cable or Fiber) are improving the residential adoption rates; comments are welcomed.

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