Fried Chicken and Broadband have no Relationship

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Fried Chicken and Broadband have no Relationship

Last Friday was my/our 25th wedding anniversary. As I prepared to go home, I was asked several times where was I taking her to dinner. Let me make this clear, my wife would have been very disappointed if I had taken her to dinner. In almost all expensive restaurants, she notes that I could have made it better and cheaper at home. Therefore, I flew back to Dallas and on the way home from the airport bought the necessary groceries and, of course, flowers. For dinner, I grilled Prime New York strip steaks, made an heirloom tomato salad and deep fried curly-q potatoes (one of her favorites). I also opened a 1996 Bordeaux from the Haut Medoc region in France. It had been in my cellar for nearly ten years and was an absolute delight. Saturday was simpler with beef short rib sandwiches and a topping made from tomatoes, onion and horseradish. Sunday I began curing two beef briskets, one for corned beef and the other for pastrami. After which I fried a Cornish game hen and some chicken breasts. I was interested in seeing how the younger smaller chicken (Cornish game hen) compared to the older larger fryer. The game hen was more tender and flavorful, but given the higher cost will not replace the larger and cheaper chicken. The recipe for the week is Fried Chicken. I have avoided giving this recipe for the last year because frying chicken is a passion and I will admit to making it several ways. When you read the recipe, Option 1 is my preference. Option 2 is preferred by my wife as it makes for an extra crunchy crust. Therefore, it is your choice as to which you use. Finally, know this, great fried chicken consist of three things, an overnight marinade, great seasoning and properly heated oil, too hot and things will burn, too cool and the chicken will be soggy and very unhealthy. Anyway, try David's Fried Chicken and Enjoy!

Net Neutrality and Minority Concerns

Who amongst us thought that rules regarding net neutrality would cause concern among minority leaders? I was very surprised to read the following:

"Federal Communications Commission commissioner Mignon Clyburn told a minority media conference audience Jan. 22 that network neutrality is not a threat to minority advancement but smart regulation that will help avoid the "damage" done to diversity by radio and TV deregulation."

Apparently, minority leaders have differing opinions regarding net neutrality, several have cautioned that network neutrality rules could widen the digital divide by discouraging the private investment necessary to deliver broadband to minority communities that are currently without broadband or underserved.

My perspective is that doing the right thing is the best for any community. One should not accept a service with strings in order to ensure that service exists. Without net neutrality, consumers will be at risk. Proper rule making and market demand will motivate the delivery of broadband into minority, rural and economically challenged areas. We should not shortchange these consumers with bad rules in order to provide service.

Finally, it should be noted that Hispanic and black minorities trail in Internet usage from PCs but lead in Internet usage via mobile devices. Perhaps the issue minority leaders should be focusing on is the cost of access devices verses the belief that the FCC is hindering access to broadband.

See you on Wednesday!

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