Good Things Take Time

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David Byrd is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer for Raven Guru Marketing. Previously, he was the CMO and EVP of Sales for CloudRoute. Prior to CloudRoute, He was CMO at ANPI, CMO & EVP of Sales at Broadvox, VP of channels and Alliances for Telcordia and Director of eBusiness development with i2 Technologies.He has also held executive positions with Planet Hollywood Online, Hewlett-Packard, Tandem Computers, Sprint and Ericsson.
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Good Things Take Time

Obviously, I did not need to create an original recipe this weekend as I had the Smoked Pork and Ricotta Cannelloni waiting the wings. Therefore, Friday was southern fried pork chops with a green salad, Saturday was BBQ chicken with grilled vegetables and Sunday was a baked potato with our favorite toppings. I'll share the BBQ chicken recipe over the course of the summer. As for the cannelloni, it is a labor of love and that's why we make it on weekends. It takes a similar amount of time as lasagna, so make the full recipe and have leftovers to either enjoy during the week or freeze for later. If you want to make a more traditional cannelloni, substitute cooked ground beef or Italian sausage for the smoked pork and ham. However, you will be missing an exciting new taste if you do. Smoked Pork and Ricotta Cannelloni, enjoy!

It Takes Time

Last week I got several comments regarding the length of my blog of late. It was not my intent to expand the blog as much as I wanted to cover as best I could the major announcement of the FCC that would affect broadband carriers, Broadvox and other ITSPs. That said, I decided today a lighter subject would be good.

First, if you are new to the blog or haven't had time to print my recipes, then download our Best of the SIP and Serve Blog eBook, featuring our favorite blogs and recipes. It is well worth the read to improve your understanding of how to sell VoIP/SIP Trunking and learn about the IP community. Along the way, you may decide one or more of the recipes will nourish your body as well.

On an even lighter note, convergence may not be the best thing for everyone. Canadians may not be quite as quiet as many Americans think. This headline caught my eye this morning, "Woman Sues Rogers for 'Exposing' Her Affair". It seems that Rogers's cable convinced a family to combine their TV, Internet, VoIP and wireless bills to save money. Where the wife's wireless account was separate from her husband's, it was no longer. He quickly found out she had been seeing another man. I doubt that she thinks convergence is still a good thing.

See you on Wednesday...

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