IP Connects the World Again

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David Byrd
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IP Connects the World Again

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IP Connects US

Let's remember that IP is green. It beats TDM by a mile. And it is a mile down that IP is now delivering us a live view of the British Petroleum oil leak in the gulf. This might not seem like an IP ecosystem subject but keep in mind we used the Internet to communicate the protest in Iran and the death of Michael Jackson. This time the story is miles offshore and under 5000 feet of water but we can view it live. That's the power of IP communications. It is also why it is important to address the access and speed of broadband in the US. Without adequate access and speeds, this kind of information will not be available to the masses as viewing video is difficult with dial speeds or slower DSL.

As the various groups, the FCC, ILECs, politicians, and interested parties begin the debate on how to address changes to the Communications Act, events such as this should be part of the discussion. Most of the time the focus of these debates is on new applications and technology, sometimes the discussion should include the need for basic access to information.


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