Stuffed Calamari and iPhone Stuffing

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Stuffed Calamari and iPhone Stuffing

Every weekend I face the same challenge, coming up with another original recipe. This weekend I thought I was not going to make. In the refrigerator were a porterhouse steak, lump crab, bacon, and deli ham. Crab cakes were an obvious choice but I wasn't in the mood. I did make omelets for breakfast using the lump crab, bacon and tomatoes but I forgot to measure anything. So, one possible recipe gone. I made Panini sandwiches with the deli ham, apple-smoked cheese (from my smoker) and some great deli mustard. However, that hardly rose to the level of recipe of the week. Then, I remembered a dish I hadn't made in a very long time.

Years ago, my wife and I lived in Toronto and when we attended either the theatre district or the symphony at Roy Thomson Hall, we stopped at the Filet Of Sole Restaurant for this unique appetizer. It was small calamari stuffed with cheddar cheese and jalapenos. I can't ascertain if the restaurant is still open because of conflicting information I found on the web. I searched the web for their menu, as I could not remember how the dish was served. However, that became unimportant when I decided to add crab to the stuffing and serve with marinara sauce (remember I try to keep some in the freezer just for ideas like this). Finally, I wanted an entrée, so I added linguini as a platform for the stuffed Calamari. As a result, Calamari Stuffed with Crab, Cheddar Cheese and Jalapenos is the recipe of the week. Enjoy!

Bumper/Silicon Cased Stuffed with iPhone

Apple is facing a rather interesting moment in its incredible return to the leader of the pack. A simple design choice to place the iPhone's antenna outside of the case has now led to antennagate. Steve Jobs has move from being the testy CEO of a cool company to a non-apologetic but trying to do the right thing CEO of a cool company. I do not own an iPhone. I am still using the somewhat prehistoric looking BlackBerry Curve. I do accept your condolences. However, let's get back to the stuffed cases. Job's resolution for antennagate is to provide every purchaser of the iPhone a free case. It is more of a cover up than a fix for the problem. I hope Apple at some point actually admits to the problem and changes the design. I'd rather stuff calamari with crab than silicon with an Apple.

This also relates to the continued discussion of dedicated broadband for VoIP/SIP Trunking vs. BYOB. Broadvox continues to support both with continued success with BYOB. However, our answer when QoS becomes an issue is to add/purchase dedicated broadband. Phone calls should be clear. When they are not then the service needs to be changed. It is one of the few circumstances where I will consider forgiving early termination fees. We want happy satisfied current and past customers. Albeit, more of the former is desired. A cover up, simply put, will not do.

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