Veal Valdostana and Traffic Pumping Update

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Veal Valdostana and Traffic Pumping Update

I didn't cook this weekend as we spent the time in New York City. It's an eating vacation. Walking and window shopping are interrupted by dining adventures both planned and serendipitous. Day one was at the Stage Deli across from Madison Square Garden. The Stage deli delivered a good and simple deli meal with a very good version of Manhattan clam chowder. Saturday was quick trip to the forgettable Essex Market and a light lunch in Little Italy where a basic lasagna and cannelloni satisfied our lunch hunger. Our desire for a light dinner was foiled when we saw a burger at the Marriott Marquis was $20. We hit the streets and settled upon an old favorite on Times Square called the Roxy. The meal was okay, which for me is not a good statement. We won't be back. Sunday was much better. We had lunch at the Trattoria Dell'Arte. I usually eat at least one meal every trip at this restaurant. I was delighted to see a new menu and updated interior. The meal of the week was Veal Valdostana. It was delicious although the size of an elephant's ear. I was unable to even eat half of the serving causing my waiter a bit of discomfort. After assuring him everything was okay, I did ask to have the rest of the Veal Valdostana packaged for takeout. It is a very simple dish with pounded veal deep fried and top with prosciutto, Fontina cheese and cherry tomatoes. That is placed under a broiler until the cheese melts and the tomatoes wilt. Veal Valdostana is finished with a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkling of chopped basil and pepper.

Traffic Pumping

After further review, Broadvox has decided to terminate traffic to certain NPA-NXXs that are thought to be the destination of traffic pumping efforts. We decided to do this because it was clearly going to interrupt the business efforts of some customers using free conferencing services. However, it will come at a price. Our GO!Anywhere product which includes long distance usage will not include pricing for terminations to these NPA-NXXs. There will be an additional per minute charge to terminate these calls. Similarly, our GO!Local and GO!Domestic rates will not apply to these terminating areas. We will notify our VAR Program Partners and customers of the change. I hope that it is an effective compromise. We cannot afford to terminate these calls at our normal prevailing rates and, therefore, hope that the modest increase to these areas only will not disaffect our customers. Previously, I mentioned that AT&T advised the FCC that some of these charges were as much as 13 cents per minute. Since that is not the norm, we have settled upon an amount less than half that. I am sure there will be complaints but I think this is better than shutting off the services entirely.

More New York food on Wednesday.

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