My Favorite IP PBX Features

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My Favorite IP PBX Features

Okay we now know the most popular end-user features:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call waiting
  • Conference calling
  • Call hold
  • Unified Communications features:
    • Presence
    • Unified messaging
    • Instant messaging
    • Find me/follow me/one number reach
    • Click to dial

And we know which features IT managers prize:

  • Intrude
  • Call blocking
  • Call drop
  • Night service
  • Auto attendant
  • Corporate phone books with global extension dialing
  • ACD management and reporting
  • Business continuity/disaster recovery


I thought it interesting that several of my favorites did not make the list. While Click to dial made the list and perhaps Caller ID and CNAM are merely expected, my other two faves are Simultaneous ringing and Distinctive ringing.


I prefer simultaneous ringing to find me/follow me as the caller does not get that annoying “Let me see if I can find this person”. I particularly dislike when there are three or more numbers to attempt. I switched from the sequential ring option to simultaneous ringing three years ago and have not looked back. The only con is getting used to having both the office phone and cell phone ringing at the same time. The pros are no one knows that I am not at my desk or traveling and they either get an answer or go to voice mail within four rings. It also has been very effective in reducing the number of voice mails as I end up with fewer important calls missed or dropped. I like the feature so much that I do not know my cell phone number. I never give it out as there is no need.


Distinctive ringing serves another purpose. I learned years ago while working as a research scientist for the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) that a ringing phone takes priority over just about anything. When I wanted to speak with our department head and he was busy with someone in his office. I knew that I could interrupt the meeting without being chastised by simply calling him. He would always answer the phone. Today, I used distinctive ringing to identify when Andre Temnorod, Broadvox CEO, is calling. This means that I do not need to read the Caller ID during meetings or stop to look at my phone when I am in the middle of a conversation, both of which I find a bit rude (mobile phone etiquette really needs an overhaul). I can only be interrupted when doing something important when it is Andre.


I am not sure if today’s blog will help you sell anything but it may make your business day more productive.


See you on Monday with another recipe and thoughts.


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