FCC Floundering May Be Over

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FCC Floundering May Be Over

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NPRM has begun on USF and ICC

For more than a decade the FCC has wanted to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for Universal Service Fund (USF) and InterCarrier Compensation (ICC) reform. They finally did so in February. The NPRM is 289 pages long and deserves a better review than I ready to do today. What is important about the NPRM is that the FCC unanimously agreed to its release. For the first time in months it would seem the Democrats and Republicans on the FCC concur about the importance of something. It seems that the floundering over whether to modernize the USF and ICC system is over.

Reform is needed but now comes the uncertainty. How will it be reformed? There will be winners and losers as the rules are changed. Broadvox and all carriers with an IP infrastructure will be affected. Therefore, I will be tracking this going forward. It will take time though. Given the schedule for comments, replies, and the political interest (politicians and major carriers), it will be late this year or early next year before a final plan is voted upon by the FCC.

I’ll do a review of the NPRM Wednesday.


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