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Please Take a Moment

The country has taken a devastating blow this week with the death and destruction caused by a historical weather system. It is estimated that more than a hundred tornados were confirmed this week. As many of you know the death toll for this unusual weather has exceeded 300 people with thousands left homeless. It is easy to go about our day to day activities and ignore what has transpired but we should not. What defines us as a country is our concern for the well being of those who are citizens that we do not know. I have never been to Tuscaloosa, Alabama but I still can share in their loss. I can still pray that they find comfort and solace after such a difficult event.

The IP community is a subset of a larger group that ultimately reaches the world. Between Japan, the Middle East, Africa and now the southern US, we have experience more death, unrest and destruction then any time in recent memory. The news often presents this information in a painless and sometimes matter of fact way.

This morning as I raced out of the house, I paused to read a bit about the storms and their impact. Although Dallas is a long ways from Tuscaloosa a family and friends have personally been affected by the tragedy. A promising University of Alabama senior from Dallas was killed by the storms. I do not know her or the family but if I am unable to feel for their loss then I have loss my humanity. Her name was Ashley Harrison, a 22 year old pre-law student. She is just one of the 297 known dead that will be missed by their love ones and family.

Take a moment today to pause and reflect on the events of this past week. Caring about things beyond ourselves and our local communities makes us stronger as a people and a nation.

You can help by donating to the American Red Cross, a quality charity. You can find other organizations supporting this effort at MSNBC and other online news organizations.

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