Asparagus Aspirations

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Asparagus Aspirations

I really enjoy Thai food and I make a decent chicken with green curry, but Friday, we had Spicy Thai Noodles and Beef. For more of a well rounded dish I added haricot verts and peas, delicious. Saturday was beer brats, with onions sautéed and serve in a beer reduction and homemade fries tossed with sea salt. Sunday dinner featured grilled scallops wrapped in apple smoked bacon with a chipotle mayonnaise. One quick bit of advice. When grilling with bacon, I like to cook it half way in either a pan or microwave. That way less fat drips into the grill reducing flare-ups and the bacon is crispy without over cooking either the wrapped item (beef, scallops or chicken). I served a Vidalia onion and tomato salad along with white asparagus tossed in a buerre blanc sauce. It was the best white asparagus I have ever had. It was the first time I did not use cream as a sauce element for the white asparagus and the asparagus really shined. Therefore, the recipe of the week is White Asparagus with a Buerre Blanc Sauce. Enjoy!


One of our aspirations was finally achieved last night. Generally, I am not very rah, rah when it comes to either political events or military engagements. However, it is difficult not to feel a strong sense of pride and the satisfaction of completion, when I learned Osama Bin Laden was dead. I, like many others, would have preferred that he’d been captured, but it was always expected for him to fight to the death. His death may do little more that end a chapter in the unrest the world faces. Yet, it is an ending that many deserved to experience. We now have a sense of closure with regard to an enemy for most of the world. 9/11 did not just involve the death of only Americans but citizens from more than 90 nations.

We should all thank President Obama, CIA Director Leon Panetta, the CIA, the Navy and the Navy Seals for making this happen.

By the way, the first word of the raid was sent by a tweet from a neighbor living near the Bin Laden compound. Sohaib Athar unsuspectingly tweeted about the unusual activity by first noting the noise of a helicopter and then its crash. He went to bed with no idea as to the relevance of his tweets. After awaking and learning the news he tweeted “Uh oh, now I'm the guy who live-blogged the Osama raid without knowing it.”

IP communications is indeed everywhere and social media continues to spread the word.

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