How Green is the Cloud?

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How Green is the Cloud?

Cloud computing is everywhere with most of us having the key benefits down to a fine science. However, yesterday got me thinking about how green is the cloud? One of our key OEMs is launching a new program that will enable their channel to continue to sell their premise based IP PBX but also position a hosted solution. It became clear that there are more converts everyday that move from the position of “premise versus hosted” to “premise and hosted”. And all of that is very good. Yet, it was the statement that the company has a green initiative that interested me.

Last year I wrote that VoIP was greener than TDM. There was plenty of supportive data to make that point. In November of last year, Microsoft engaged with Accenture and WSP Environment & Energy to study the energy use and carbon footprint of cloud offerings. While the study focused on the use of Microsoft applications and services, the results show that cloud computing in general is greener than individual data centers supporting individual companies. In fact, the energy savings for a small company (100 employees) was more than 90 percent using a shared cloud computing infrastructure. Although, not as big a number, saving attributed to larger deployments (up to 10,000 employees) averaged 30 percent. Four reasons were established as key during the study.

Dynamic Provisioning: Improved matching of server capacity with demand.

Multi-Tenancy: Serving large numbers of companies and end-users on a shared infrastructure.

Server Utilization: Improving utilization rates.

Data Center Efficiency: Utilizing advanced data center infrastructure designs that reduce power loss.


Cloud Computing and Sustainability: The Environmental Benefits of moving to the Cloud is a good read and can support various types of cloud solutions. Sharing it with a business that has a green initiative might also help you to position your hosted offering. With GO!VBX and C4 IP, Broadvox and Cypress Communications are delivering hosted IP PBX and Unified Communications as we secure a healthier environment.


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