Punting can be Good

Punting can be Good

Wednesday when I used the word “punt” to describe the option of moving to a fully managed solution, I expected a few comments but surprisingly received very few. So, without being pushed I’ll explain why punting is a good thing. Most people consider punting a play that is called after the offense has failed but consider this it is also used to improve your field position. Selecting a fully managed or hosted solution does the same thing. It allows you to improve your field position by reducing or eliminating capital expenditures and lowering operating costs at the same time. With today’s economic uncertainty, that is a very good thing. Moreover, if your business does not have the resources to support the continued changes in technology and applications, then moving the responsibility into the cloud is a very good option. Finally, many cloud applications offer more options and capabilities than purchased applications. This provides for an implementation that more closely fits individual business requirements. See punting is not a bad thing.

More and more industry pundits are moving to the position that a business should take advantage of each type of purchasing option depending upon the business process or operation. I have always used “and” rather than “versus”. I have always believed a business should purchase, subscribed “and” use hosted solutions. The key is determining when and where each is applicable. Since, it varies by industry and business, it is not a simple thing to categorize.

See you on Monday…

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