Curds and the Digium Way

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Curds and the Digium Way

Curds and the Digium Way

After a week on the road at ITEXPO in Miami, I needed to take a break from restaurant food and cook. I was pleasantly surprised when asked on Friday to fix crab cakes which I partnered with a mustard cream sauce. Saturday I made liver and caramelized onions for dinner.  I also made a vegetable beef stew for Super Bowl Sunday. I served the stew for breakfast topped with a sunny-side up egg. Just before the game began, I fired up the fryers to make Buffalo wings, chicken livers, French fries and fried cheese curds (remember we had mostly vegetables for breakfast). I’d never made fried cheese curds and they were awesome. Lightly coated with panko breadcrumbs, they were deliciously crunchy and chewy. A quite simple dish that delivers way beyond the effort, Fried Cheese Curds is the recipe of the week. Enjoy!

For those of you that enjoy food blogs, I do want to make you aware of a new one called the Pig and the Fig. With an array of recipes and cooking styles, the Pig ad the Fig is an intriguing site. Give it a try!

The Digium Way

Last week Digium announced Digium Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA) which will enable advanced application and provisioning features. DPMA is a proprietary protocol that will allow it to deliver certain features available on other platforms. While it is too soon to know how DPMA will be accepted by the Asterisk ecosystem and IP industry in general, the phones accompanying the announcement seem a bit dated an plain. Although, all of the phones support HD voice, it seems odd that the phones require DESI labels (paper strips to label button functionality). There are no versions of the phone to support wireless or video. Furthermore, I am puzzled by the selection of a proprietary protocol to support these less than advanced looking phones. Given Digium’s success with an open source application like Asterisk, it would seem that they could have continued with that philosophy and developed an open source based endpoint. However, Digium has indicated that it will license DPMA, although no details were given.

This product announcement is very important to Broadvox Partners as Digium/Asterisk based systems are at top of our list for most SIP Trunk activations. It will be good for our partners if DPMA successfully positions Asterisk based IP PBXs to be more competitive with other proprietary offerings and improves the margins for them and the phones. Better features and more revenue are good in a nice whey.

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