Over Promise and Under Deliver

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Over Promise and Under Deliver

Microsoft with the announcement of Surface continues to over promise and under deliver. The Surface tablet looks very promising but in reality it is another example of marketing FUD. Microsoft should be embarrassed at announcing a product without a delivery date or price. Although, today there is activity on the web that indicates it will be priced at $599 for the RT model and $999 for the Windows 8 Pro model. Both price points are a bit high. This will not be the Apple iPad killer many hoped to see. Perhaps, if the product includes enough features (stand, cover, wireless), memory and perhaps keyboard, it will be competitive.  

Apple has created a wonderful product in the iPad tablet and has certainly motivated Microsoft and other to enter the market least they lose relevancy. As for the claim of FUD, I was considering buying an ultrabook but will now delay the purchase to see if Surface can meet my needs. There, Microsoft has already created market overhang. I want the built in USB, video and microSD ports in a tablet without having to haul around a bag of accessories.

A few months ago I installed a beta version of Windows 8 on one of my home PCs and with the exception of figuring out how to make it go to sleep, it is fairly simple to use. I do agree that the operating system looks as though it was designed for a touch screen versus a mouse and keyboard. As such, it should support the functionality and application on the Surface very well.

Finally, as companies address BYOD integrations into their IT infrastructures, the Surface with either RT or Windows 8 will be a better known, trusted and more easily integrated operating system than iOS.

Now let’s hope that Microsoft realizes the error of its ways and finally gets it right by learning the correct phrase is “Under Promise and Over Deliver”.

See you on Monday!


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