Sources to Gain Knowledge and Insight

Sources to Gain Knowledge and Insight

Too often, we use the excuse of not having enough time to learn new technologies and understand our industry. Given how quickly our industry is influenced by change and innovation, it is critical that we reserve sufficient time each week to maintain proper awareness of what’s happening in the IP community. Additionally, since ANPI works with several distribution channels, it is also important to track ILEC and agent happenings. In order to both learn and gain subject matter for this blog, I explore a number of sources. Here are a few of my favorite sites.

IP Community Activity*

Rural ILECs Coverage

Telecom Agents***

Unified Communications*

Major ILECs and Telecom Vendors

*This website either posts, distributes or promotes my blog, “Byrd’s Eye View.”

I am sure there are other sites that provide useful information. The above list reflects some of the sites I regularly visit and read. If sharing this list helps you discover one or two new sources, then my objective for this blog will have been accomplished. I am also sharing this list with the strong suggestion that you spend 20 minutes every day reading one or more of these sites. Will you become an expert? No. Will you become more knowledgeable about our industry and, as a result, more effective in your job? Yes. Good reading! 

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