The 2014 SIP Survey is Here

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The 2014 SIP Survey is Here

SIP is no longer an unknown form of communications protocol. Hundreds of thousands of companies have embraced SIP Trunking, if not millions. The SIP Survey, conducted by the SIP School, does not attempt to determine the level of penetration; rather, it is unique in attempting to understand the problems or concerns of those implementing SIP Trunks.

Graham Francis, CEO of The SIP School, has created a business that offers the IP Community the ability to learn about SIP and become certified to market, sell, install or trouble shoot SIP-based products. I recommend every agent, wholesaler and end-user desiring to have a better understanding of SIP check out the SIP School for a course appropriate for your business and business role.

Some key points from the just-released 2014 survey include an increase in the number of installations not employing an SBC. Deploying an SBC as part of the transition from TDM to IP is very important as it serves to provide much needed security, as well as assured or faster interoperability. In looking at the data provided, it is not uncommon for a small business to determine that the cost of an SBC is not worth the additional benefits. However, larger mid-sized businesses and enterprises should definitely deploy SBCs, as they are much more likely to become targets for Denial of Service or other malicious attacks. Since there was growth in the SMB space in the survey, I believe most enterprises are still practicing safe SIP.

The 2014 SIP Trunk Survey will walk you through the types of issues businesses face when implementing SIP Trunks, how they address them and their overall satisfaction with the technology. I like the survey a lot because it moves us from anecdotal to objective thinking.

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