Wired for Speed - Congratulations, Bell Labs!

Wired for Speed - Congratulations, Bell Labs!

Bell Labs just announced that they have been able to transmit data at 10 Gbps over a 30-meter length of bonded copper. The research unit of Alcatel-Lucent used a prototype technology called XG-FAST, an extension of G fast technology, a broadband standard in the process of finalization by the ITU. Bell Labs has demonstrated 1 Gbps symmetrical over 70 meters using a single copper pair, but exceeded that using two pairs to achieve 10 Gbps. This establishes Bell Labs as new world record holder for data transmission over copper.

The benefit of such a technology is that it can accelerate the deployment of high speed broadband by extending the life of the existing copper in the home or business. Carriers will have the option of terminating fiber to the curb or FTTx. This makes it cheaper and faster to deliver new services by terminating fiber connections into a copper connection for the final entry into the home or business.

Considering the widespread use of last mile copper around the world, successful introduction of this technology would save carriers billions of dollars. While everyone speaks of wireless and mobility as the wave of the future, in-ground last mile is still needed to transmit and deliver data associated with end-user applications and phone calls.

G.fast vs. XG_FAST Bell Labs Technology Comparison


No specific time frame was given for the general availability of the new technology. 

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