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| The goal of this blog is to make the architecture behind Cloud infrastructure easy to digest. We will analyze and review the technology behind cloud providers(like Amazon) and websites (like Facebook).

February 2012

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The Bandwidth Cost of Cloud

February 27, 2012

As you know by now, the cloud has everything to do with the internet. Without an internet connection, you will not have access to your resources. The question is, "how mucehh internet connection do you need?". Depending on the service, the numbers will vary as will the costs.

A Primer on Cloud Storage

February 17, 2012

Data storage is like space, it hates a void. As local storage devices have taken leaps from megabytes to gigabytes and terabytes so has grown our need to fill them with images, movies, and applications.

The current leap we are taking is away from local storage to cloud storage. Loosely defined, "the cloud", is software or hardware resources offered via the internet on a monthly and usage basis. Types of cloud storage solutions range from transactional storage such as Amazons S3 and Microsoft's Azure Storage, to virtual drives like Dropbox and, and online backup services like Mozy and Veddio.