Higher Education for becoming a Cloud Service Provider

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Higher Education for becoming a Cloud Service Provider

I love blogging here and I promise I'll be more active! Anyway in this update sometimes it's best to let the customer speak for you! While I am part of the team here at iIT I want to share what our partners are saying about our iIT University, which we have underway, but just recently announced. Here goes…

“Rather than simply dropping off some training packets or holding a webinar with multiple partners, independenceIT created a customized presentation that gives our sales, support and technical teams insights into effectively selling and managing cloud services,” said masterIT CEO Michael Drake. “The extended session  we attended allowed our staff to quickly expand their knowledge and troubleshoot potential sales road blocks. iIT helped us crystallize our go-to-market strategy and identify new markets we could address with this offering.”


This is what he is referring to for anyone that is a MSP, VAR,  Carrier, and  "IT" guys big and small . They have all been making the shift to the cloud along with their customers. This had been predicated by the huge migration of IT from on premise deployments to cloud based (hosted) solutions. The opportunities are endless for the solutions that can be provided and the market potential for these businesses but the transition has not been easy. That is why the success and failure of your service provider relies so heavily on their education / preparation in providing cloud services and the underlying vendor they decide to use. To help with the later of those two challenges, Allentown, PA based independenceIT* has announced the launch of iIT University "iIT U". The aim of the program is 3 fold and initially targeted at service providers who aim to partner with iIT. The 3 aspects are as follows :

1. Strategic consultation on the shift necessary to become a Cloud Service Provider

2. Personalized training sessions for technology, support, and sales teams.

3. Marketing help in producing messaging that lowers confusion regarding the cloud.


This effort shows a true commitment to clearing the air about the cloud service provider business model and benefits SMBs and SMEs downstream by providing better equipped providers and higher levels of service. Other cloud vendors would do well in following suite in showing this level of commitment to their partners success and the happiness of the end user, you.


Read more about iIT University here : http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20130429-907677.html


*Disclaimer : I am employed by independenceIT

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