And the Winners Are...

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And the Winners Are...

The recent "State of Corporate Social Media" Survey, produced by Useful Social Media, outlines the latest research and trends in the social media space- including which companies are considered "leaders" in this relatively new medium. The list includes Dell, Starbucks, Coca Cola, Apple, Microsoft and Nike, with an honorable mention to the Aflac Duck.

The survey is quick to point out, however, that these leaders are all B2C. Interesting.

Where are the B2B companies in this space, and why might they not be as successful? The survey report suggests that these results show the mass appeal of social media to the broad audiences B2C companies are trying to reach rather than more targeted groups. The survey also states that "the main use of social so far has been mass consumer marketing", and that B2B companies have yet to find good examples to follow in their own marketplace, making it difficult to determine the best approach for this unique marketing need.

The best way for B2B might be to leverage Online Communities with their social media efforts. Why? If you think back to what makes consumers buy large purchases, it's trust, credibility and long-term thought leadership (as discussed in a recent Podcast). An Online Community presents itself as a more established forum for business owners to engage other business owners in an educated discussion about the information their audience is looking for.

Just my two cents though- why do you think social media isn't yet as popular or effective in B2B companies than B2C?

To learn more, read the survey- and sign-up to attend the Corporate Social Media Summit (Early Bird registration ends today) to hear these social media industry leaders speak about their success stories in-person!

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