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July 2011

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What to Outsource on Your Online Community (and What to Keep For Yourself!)

July 26, 2011

Recently, I read a great blog post by Michele Linn via the Content Marketing institute that provided tips on what content marketing activities to outsource to an agency or consultancy  vs. keep in-house.  Among the top activities were content creation (i.e., “Leave it to the experts” or “Give it to people who have more time than you”) and strategy development (i.e.,  Partnering with an expert who can tell you best practices or help you figure out your internal gaps). The biggest things to keep in-house?  

2 SEO Techniques the Experts Say Will "Make or Break" Your Online Community

July 22, 2011

In a recent “SEO and Online Communities” webinar, experts Jonathan Allen (Search Engine Watch) and Rich Tehrani (CEO, TMCnet) joined forces to give viewers the latest research and best practices on SEO and Search Marketing tactics companies should implement, and avoid.

Throughout the discussion, Allen and Tehrani highlighted how online communities are growing in popularity as a great SEO-booster, mainly because they are content-driven and offer truly valuable and educational information to site visitors – something the search engines love to see. 

Here are the 2 SEO techniques Allen and Tehrani emphasized during the webinar as “critical practices” online community managers should consider when building and maintaining their sites.

3 SEO Myths Dispelled

July 13, 2011

I’m in post-webinar bliss. Not only did a record number of people register for yesterday’s SEO-focused online event, but both the discussions from expert speakers and questions from attendees were extremely original and thought-provoking.

 Jonathan Allen, Director of Search Engine Watch, teamed up with TMCnet’s CEO Rich Tehrani to discuss the latest research and best practices for boosting your company’s SEO, and ways to use online communities to do so.  Even though many companies are utilizing smart SEO practices to boost their search engine ranking (hopefully many have learned from recent SEO-punishments as a result of the Panda update) there are still 3 myths which came up during yesterday’s session that I think yesterday’s webinar dispelled, and would like to gather additional reactions to.