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Companies That Don't Accept E-mail

March 21, 2005

What do they have to hide? Are they afraid their customers might make comments they'll have to take seriously? Are they afraid they'll have to answer legitimate questions? Are they happy to take your money, but unhappy to hear your opinion?

Try finding an e-mail address for Burger King ( I'm not a fast food person in the first place, but I'm boycotting Burger King since I first laid eyes on their current television commercial campaign, "Fantasy Ranch."

I'm not an agitator. I've never been to a protest. Sure, I have defined opinions, but I'm far from radical. This commercial, however, made me queasy...perhaps you've seen it. Darius Rucker (a/k/a "Hootie" from "Hootie & The Blowfish"... looks like someone's career has reached a dead end) strums his guitar, and sings modified lyrics to the tune "Big Rock Candy Mountain," while trashily dressed women cavort cheesily in the background.

Lacking an outlet to fire off an e-mail, I sent the letter below to Burger King's corporate headquarters. I'm about 100 percent confident I will receive no reply. The same people who hyperventilated over a nano-second view of Janet Jackson's breast have no problems with the messages this ad is communicating? I don't get it.


 Marketing/Public Relations, Burger King Corporation

5505 Blue Lagoon Drive

Miami FL 33126

To whom it may concern:

I usually think of myself as an even-tempered, non-extreme, balanced, and difficult-to-offend personality (I’m a Monty Python fan and love Mel Brooks films, both of which know how to offend with love), but I’d like to register with you the fact that I’m more than a bit appalled by your television ad campaign which an Internet search tells me is titled “Fantasy Ranch.” Interestingly, a blog search tells me I’m far from the only woman discussing this in the blogosphere.

Why don’t we go back to the days when women only served as T&A displays, there to delight a fantasizing male populace? “A nice caboose?” Why not just put the girls in a thong or include a couple of prime crotch shots? I bet that would stretch your “marketing opportunities” even further.

And U.S. viewers were outraged by a lightning-fast shot of Janet Jackson’s bare breast, but this is just dandy? “Hey, Americans, make sure your little girls are all stacked, dress skimpily and parade themselves for men’s enjoyment, all in the name of marketing! It’s the only value they have!”

I don’t object to nudity whatsoever. I do object to demeaning sexism (against women or men, for that matter: I can’t stand medication or cleaning supply commercials whose schtick is to make men look like total idiots) all in the name of the almighty dollar. Every time I see your commercial, I cringe in embarrassment for the model or aspiring actress who had to put on short-shorts and “bend over” for the camera so she could pay the bills, because it was the best gig she could get.

I have no problem in the future skipping Burger King for other, worthier restaurants. Besides…if I don’t dress in a cheerleader outfit and ladle on the lipgloss, you might not serve me, right?

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Comments to Companies That Don't Accept E-mail

  1. RE: Companies That Don't Accept E-mail
    Tom White :

    Check this link out on the Burger King Website. Disgusting in the guise of BK Tableguest. Never eat alone again. Follow this link. You're not the only one boycotting BK.,-1,-1

  1. RE: Companies That Don't Accept E-mail
    carl glovier :

    Today I met a friend at Burger King on Hegenberger Road in Oakland California for a meal.
    While we were eating 3 homeless beggers came in and went to each table asking for change-including ours. This means on 3 separate occasions in 10 minutes 3 seperate beggers came to our table asking for change. One patron told a female begger "she did not have the time" and the begger gave her major attitude and would not leave the area. The patron left and advised me to do so as well. A 4th homeless person seated eating a meal got into a loud verbal argument with the other homeless beggers. The whole situation was very disruptive-a borderline safety issue.

    I called the asst manger over to our table to advise her of our conern and she seemed to be unwilling to do anything stating the police dont really come out for this kinda thing and if they do they come out late. I offered some advice-hire a security guard for a short time, file a citizens complaint(416 of the penal code) with the arriving police officer, get restraining orders etc. yet the asst mgr seemed indifferent and unconcerned when I told her I was not going to eat there anymore.

    It seems likely that this particular Burger King will end up having to deal with a much more serious violent confrontation between patrons and homeless beggers as displayed by the indifference of the representative manager.

    I will be sending this same email to Burger King Inc. in hopes of receiving a much better proactive response from the true management of Burger King both locally and from the corporate offices. Rest assured, we will not be returning to this particular location, and likely to no others as well. The experience has indeed left a very bad "taste" in our mouths.

    We expect: a long term solution by the restaurant-hire a security guard even short term, file a citizens complaint (penal code 416) with the arriving police officer and request a restraining order against major problem "beggers". 3 beggers coming into the restaurant together tells me the restaurant does not care to spend money to solve the problem.
    We must have a reply from the restaurant telling us what they are going to do to prevent such an event from happening again. I believe from the indifference displayed by the asst mgr today we will get no response/reply from the restaurant except an offer of predictable meal coupons without any intent to prevent the situation from occurring again. My guess is that particular Burger King does not make a substantial profit for obvious reasons.
    Carl M. Glovier
    Carl M. Glovier, B.S.
    Job Counselor
    Ca. Employment Development Department,
    Oakland Job Service
    Carl M. Glovier, B.S.

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