Lenovo's VoIP Remote

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Lenovo's VoIP Remote

It took me two years since it was first launched in North America to get one, but I finally got a Nintendo Wii. Now I know what all the hype has been about -- and why retail every retail outlet was sold out yet again this holiday season. That said, anyone wanting one would likely have easily found one on Craig's List (I did).

What is amazing -- and I'm certainly well behind the curve in getting to know it -- is the Wiimote. The motion sensitive remote controllers bring a new level of excitement and reality to its games. I haven't gotten the Wii Fit yet, but to be quite honest, the bowling, boxing, and tennis provide ample excercise if you really get into the gameplay.

But back to the controllers, which, if you've never used one, will have you hooked in no time.

As a testament to the success and popularity of the Wii, Lenovo is taking a page out of the Nintendo playbook and is introducing its latest PC bringing together the worlds of productivity, entertainmnet, and communcations, its ThinkCentre A600 all-in-one.

in addition to its sleep look, sporting a monitor and thin CPU in one, it also includes a remote control that not only offers your standard remote capabilities, but doubles as a Wii-like gameing controller.

But that's not all.

What really makes the A600 -- and more specifically, its remote -- an exciting package for home users and even SOHOs and small businesses is its fuctionality as a VoIP handset. With it, users of PC-based VoIP services, like Skype, will have a handset at their disposal, specifically designed for use with their PC. And they won't need a separate device cluttering their desks.

With its powerful processing and storage capabilities, including Intel's Core 2 Duo or Pentium Dual Core processor, the Intel G45M chip set, up to 4GB of DDR3 memory and 1TB of hard disk drive data storage, the A600 is certainly capable of performing as a business machine.


But add a Blu-ray player, TV tuner, and advanced graphics card, and built-in WiFi, and it becomes a part of any connected home, bringing together business and pleasure in one PC.

All that remains, for now, is a laptop with similar capabilities, and Lenovo will have successfully created a true all-in-one, combining communication, entertainment, business, and mobility. It's not a stretch to imagine such a laptop making inroads quickly into the business world, especially given the growth of IP-based voice and video communications.

It's a safe bet a mobile version isn't far off.

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