Taqua Sets Game Plan for v6.2 of T7000

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Taqua Sets Game Plan for v6.2 of T7000

As much as Eric Pratt and Rob Riordan led off this year's Taqua User Group Conference in Dallas by emphasizing the importance of collaboration, Taqua's continued success will ultimately grounded in its ability to enhance its own product, the T7000 switching system.
As the third presenter at Taqua's annual user conference, Paul Borel, Director of product management and sales engineering at Taqua, was on hand to provide an in-depth look at the future of the platform behind the success of the Dallas-based company.
Well, if you heard Pratt speak, you know he gives much of the credit to the user community. And he should - they have allowed Taqua to grow to more than 250 users today. 
According to Borel, release 6.2, scheduled for sometime in December, will include a number of enhancements, many of which have been implemented based on feedback from previous user group conferences.
They include:

·         An enhanced admin portal

·         Routing groups (for increased flexibility in providing differing class of service)

·         Support for T.38 fax (if you've talked to any of the fax vendors that were at ITEXPO last week, you'll know how critical they feel fax is to a complete communications solution)

·         Screen pop enhancements (including IPTV caller ID)

·         Calling name and LNP caching (cost reduction from not having to dip into data stores with each call)

·         Automatic aging for changing number announcements

·         Billing enhancements (including bringing development of CDR to AMA/EMI conversion in-house to overcome integration issues)

·         Performance enhancements (including a faster boot process reducing reboot time to less than a 10th of current time, and increased calls per second on the chassis)

·         Various SIP protocol enhancements

·         PIC2 additional codec support (ILBC, G.726, G.729, G.728) and Gig-E interface support

·         Clock Card (component upgrades and support for international applications)

·         Wireless media gateway and lawful intercept delivery functionality

·         H.248 Media Gateway (enables selected ports on T7000 to be controlled by text-based H.248)

I have likely missed a few. For a complete list, to get more detail on any of these modifications, or to learn more about the Taqua intelligent switching platform, please contact Taqua directly.

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