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May 2011

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Tweeting Isn't Just for Birds

May 24, 2011

One hundred and forty characters. One tweet. Such a small space, yet one that has become powerful beyond its size. What can you accomplish in just a few words?

Sports Illustrated iPad Version a Winner (Finally)

May 20, 2011

Recently, I questioned the immediate future of the iPad as a reader.  I don’t see it as a game changer yet.  That said, one thing bothered me for a long time – the fact that Sports Illustrated somehow found sense in charging print subscribers $4.99 for each iPad issue.  I would expect non-print readers to pay for issues, but the idea of making those of us who already pay for print to double our investment is pure lunacy, especially when its key competition (ESPN The Magazine) doesn’t. 

What You Need to Know About HTML5

May 19, 2011

I just wrote about the growth of open source technology in IT departments, driven by the interoperability, flexibility, and freedom from proprietary vendor lock-in open source provides.  A similar phenomenon is about to hit the Web developer world, which has for years been dominated by Adobe Flash technology.

Enter HTML5.

Will Sony's Playstation Network Intrusion Give New Life to Game Discs?

May 5, 2011

When Sony first went public with the news that its Playstation Network had been compromised, it claimed some 77 million accounts had been hacked.  It later found nearly 25 million more user accounts had been breached earlier, bringing the total to more than 100 million.

Publicly, Sony appears to be handling the devastating attack on its network reasonably, working with Debix Inc. to offer one year of identity monitoring to its subscribers, vowing to locate the cyber criminals responsible – a group known as Anonymous – and promising to relaunch its network with the most sophisticated security protocols available to prevent a repeat incident.

To Read or Not to Read (on Your iPad)

May 4, 2011

A recent study by Simba Information suggests that 40 percent of iPad owners do not read e-books on their iPads.  Should we be surprised?  I think not, but Michael Norris, senior analyst and author of the report, says, “A lot of people equate the sale of a new gadget with the creation of a new reader, and it just doesn’t happen.”

That may be true, but the question is why, and there are a number of factors that likely play into the survey results. 

Need an Education in Video? Business Video Expo West 2011 is Your Experience

May 3, 2011

Got video?

If not, you’re rapidly falling into the minority, at least in terms of businesses with successful Web presences.  Consider the last Web site you visited that did not incorporate video into its daily content in some fashion?