WebRTC Expo Award Winners Named

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Erik Linask

WebRTC Expo Award Winners Named

After Digium kicked off the morning with a Demo & Eggs session, Phil Edholm took to the stage to hand out the WebRTC Expo Awards, which were based on a number of criteria and evaluated by a panel of judges.

The winners were:

Best in Show - Solaborate
Ready Now - Requestec
Visionary - Temasys
Best WebRTC Tool - TokBox
Easiest to Apply - Bistri
Beyond the Call - PubNub
Best Conferencing - vLine
Wow Factor - Tropo
Best Team Excitement/Energy - Instant Solutions

One company stood out with consistently high scores across multiple categories, which earned it the Best All Around Award:

Best All Around - Priologic

Congratulations to this year's winners!

If you missed the excitement and buzz -- and there was plenty of it, you can follow all the happenings at WebRTC World for what these winners and others had to say and show.

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