Using Cloud and Virtualization to Become More Agile in the Age of Business Transformation

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Erik Linask

Using Cloud and Virtualization to Become More Agile in the Age of Business Transformation

As every business seeks to identify new revenue opportunities, with both existing and prospective customers, they are finding that agility may be the biggest key to their success.  Not only is competition more heated than ever, customers also know they have options and are more likely than ever to switch vendors if they see a better opportunity with product or service.

Things like artificial intelligence, machine learning, SDN and NFV, real-time analytics, virtual reality, just to name a few, become critical to agile response to customer and business demands, requiring businesses to collect, process, analyze, and synthesize immense volumes of data – faster than ever before.  It means going all-in on digital business transformation and understanding how advanced networking, cloud and virtualization technologies can help them accomplish that objective. 


Too many businesses don’t know enough about how these trends can benefit them, or how to properly implement them within their existing infrastructures and without disrupting business flows.  With the number of options available, it become incumbent upon vendors to educate the market – both their current customers who would benefit from a tech upgrade, but also others, who may be wondering how they can keep up with evolving tech trends.

One group of partners is doing just that: ePlus, Intel and HPE are helping businesses reduce their operational complexity and increase time to market with new services or applications through a single integrated solution designed business can implement within their existing operational model and infrastructure.  Importantly, they are collaborating not only the on the technology side, which includes expert team members knowledgeable about each other’s capabilities and how they perform optimally together, but also through combined education.

I’m moderating a Webinar this week (Wednesday, June 28th) that will include members from each of the three organizations: Chuck Hooke (HPE), Megan Gawlik (Intel), and Mark Henson (ePlus).  The three will be discussing exactly how the three technology companies are working together to bring their next-gen-optimized solutions to customers and how those businesses can leverage the technology to become more agile and take advantage of the many trends that are shaping business and customer strategy. 

Among others, specific topics they’ll be addressing include:

  • How HPE Synergy Aggregates compute, storage, network fabric, and management into a hardware foundation;
  • How ePlus and Intel drives HPE Synergy compute modules, providing orchestration, security, and enhanced performance;
  • How ePlus and Intel work together to design and deploy the right solutions for the customer’s unique needs; and
  • Why the new Intel Xeon Processor Scalable family is the new foundation for secure, agile, multi-cloud datacenters and represents the biggest platform advancements in this decade.

If you’re interested in learning how to bring your infrastructure into the modern era, including leveraging cloud and virtualization – and how doing so will help you identify and enjoy new business opportunities – register today for the Webinar, Harness the Power of Cloud and Virtualization, and hear from three experts who are already turning that vision into reality for businesses worldwide.  

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