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Will 3D Score with the World Cup on its Side?

Back in March at CTIA, James Cameron noted, however, that you can't fight technology. And in this case, he just might be right, at least to a degree, especially when you consider the global impact of the sports world, which is the early target for 3D programming.

Philips' uWand Controller Reinvents the Remote Control Experience

Well, that's where the Wii experience comes in. The uWand remote control is actually less remote control than it is Wii controller. It features only three buttons (OK, Home, and Back), and features an accelerometer that enables all other capabilities in conjunction with the OK button.

When Will Network Operators Unleash the Real Power of Content?

The same holds for delivering video content to three screens - you need cable operators and wireless carriers to collaborate, and perhaps ISPs as well, depending on the end user's choice of providers.