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What are the hottest topics in Silicon Valley?

What's the hottest topic in technology today? If your business is located in Silicon Valley, however you answered the question, TMC wants to know next week at the San Jose Marriott.

Yahoo! Partnership with Opera Sounds Good

As I wrote last month, Opera Software has a mobile browser, Opera Mini, which is well worth a try, especially when compared to many of the browsers that come standard on smartphones. I also said it should leverage the strength of...

Can Google Translate?

If you're multilingual, you can easily translate between the languages in which you're fluent but, as a writer, I often find it useful to have a resource for translation, for effect, or simply for clarification. Sometimes, it's a case of translating...

CNBC Ignores Google Earnings Drop, Yahoo! and Microsoft in Trouble?

It provides no guidance as to earnings, so Google's reported $5.10 non-GAAP earnings per share for Q4 2008 was welcome news today -- or was it?  While the figure highlighted by CNBC immediately following today's closing bell on Wall Street...

Video Chat for Google Gmail Users

Google added voice and video communications capabilities to the tools available to Gmail users.