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How to Make the Right Unified Communications Choice

November 29, 2011

You’ve been running a successful business for several – perhaps many – years now, which has allowed you to grow and further expand your operations. But, while your continued growth potential stares you in the face, you find yourself faced with several obstacles, not the least of which are shrinking budgets and an inability to keep pace with the developing needs of your workforce as they seek to increase their productivity and collaboration within teams and with external partners and customers.

Maybe you’ve even installed a VoIP system to help reduce budgets. 

Why You Should be Paying Attention to Unified Communications

July 30, 2012

I spent last week between Minneapolis and Chicago on the Great Lakes leg of the Putting SIP to Work tour, with Sonus, Arrow S3, and Level 3.

It was quite the week, thanks to Mother Nature, who decided to knock out power in the Minneapolis hotel, and then returned Thursday evening with a band of storms stretching from Massachusetts to Texas, shutting down LaGuardia airport in the process. 

Those distractions aside, the seminar series, which began the previous week in Dallas, has served as an eye opener to more than a few businesses in each city, thanks to some eye-opening statistics regarding SIP adoption and both hard and soft benefits that can be enjoyed.