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Unified Communications

Why You Should be Paying Attention to Unified Communications

July 30, 2012

If your business hasn't yet developed a migration strategy for moving from your legacy communications system to SIP-based UC, the next two sessions in Boston (tomorrow, July 31) and New York (Thursday, August 2) are your next opportunities to not only understand why SIP has become the de facto protocol for enterprise UC, but also why you can't afford to wait.

How to Make the Right Unified Communications Choice

November 29, 2011

While we in the media have been talking about these and other capabilities that fall under the broad Unified Communications umbrella for years now, and there are quite a few businesses that have successfully incorporated these features in their daily operations. But, the fact is that making the right decision isn't as easy as it might seem and the majority of businesses have yet to make the jump. There are countless alternatives to choose from and an awful lot rides on making the right decision.