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Credit Freeze Feedback

March 20, 2006

I'm getting a great deal of feedback on my series of articles regarding credit freezing. I've gotten some different perspectives from these e-mails, so I'm going to start and post some of them. One reader wrote and said,

Dear Tracey:

I read your column on security freezes and found it very interesting. If it were me, I might add Innovis Data Solutions (CBC Innovis) to your security freeze list, the fourth “secret” credit bureau that may eventually start selling credit reports.  Check NJ PIRG for more info.

I am still in the process of acquiring my security freeze from Equifax. Agents of Equifax actually stated: “We have reviewed your concerns and our conclusions are: Your state is currenlty [sic] not eligible for a security freeze.”  I do live in a state that has a security freeze.  Instead of providing me with my consumer right to a freeze, they charged my credit card account using the billing information from my security freeze request form to provided me with an unsolicited copy of my credit report.

I just wanted to let you know that I filed a complaint with our state office to correct Equifax’s deficiencies. An investigation letter was sent from the state office to Equifax asking for a response to my case.

Anyway, I created a user friendly website for Maine consumers.  If you typed in "Maine Security Credit Freeze" in the Google search engine, it would come up.

Thank-you for your time,


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