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Webroot Announces Use of Parature's On-Demand Customer Support

March 23, 2005

I recently sat with Webroot's director of customer support for a briefing, and found some interesting implementation news.

Webroot Software, a provider of products and services for privacy, protection and performance, earlier this week announced the Boulder, Colo.-based company's use of Parature's Customer Support Solution for enhancing its end users' experience and for providing self-service customer support channels. Parature is a provider of on-demand support software.

After Webroot received PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Award for its anti-spyware solution, Spy Sweeper, in July last year, the company attracted more than one million new customers in a matter of days. Immediately after this great growth in such a short period of time, the support department quickly found itself backlogged with an estimated three-and-a-half weeks' of support issues (14,000 e-mail). The company was inclined to provide drastically improved customer support.

"We wanted a solution that was easy to use, quickly implemented and one that could assist in eliminating calls or tickets," Webroot Director of Customer Support Ling Richardson said.

The company wanted a support model that would allow customers to find solutions to their support issues without having to contact the support department. After much searching, researching and investigating, Webroot came to Parature's on-demand support model, Customer Support Solution, for its hosted model type and its depth of features, features which include a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-use support portal.

As a result of implementing Parature, Webroot's customer support department was back on track in a short span of weeks. According to Richardson, in the first month of the company using Parature, 168,000 users visited the support site and submitted 26,000 support tickets.

"With our old channels of support, that amount of phone calls and e-mail would have overburdened our staff," Richardson noted. 

"And the knowledge base is amazing," Richardson further stated.

The software allows Webroot to forecast and track all issues. For non-technical users, screenshots may be added for streamlining support services in a timely manner. And with the customer survey module, customer satisfaction surveys may be conducted to better the company's knowledge of its customers' satisfaction, or lack of.

Prior to utilizing Parature's software, Webroot depended on a standard, static FAQ site, e-mail and phone support.

"But by implementing Parature, 85 percent of our support inquiries were successfully handled through self-service channels," Richardson concluded. 

Webroot rolled out its support portal/site in six other languages. And as a result of the support department's success, other departments in the company began to implement Parature's Customer Support Solution.



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