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Gold Launches Self-Service Voice Apps On Earth Day

April 22, 2005

Gold Systemsa developer of customer-focused, voice-powered software solutions, has announced its development of a series of self-service speech automation applications to reduce costs and improve customer service for the San Diego Land Use & Environmental Group (LUEG).

The announcement, made today, aptly occurs on Earth Day (a mere day-and-a-half after The House voted to allow drilling in an Alaska wildlife refuge and, simulataneously, at a time when an energy bill that is damn near a joke in its encouragement of alternative use and energy efficiancy works its way through Congress. Ahem.)

Any way, using the Cisco IP-IVR platform, Gold Systems developed four easy-to-use voice recognition applications for the San Diego LUEG providing features that can make callers' experience with the system easy, efficient and reliable. San Diego County has implemented this system; and its early customer satisfaction measurements show customers find the system intuitive and easy to use.

From the press release: "Users of the new San Diego LUEG system can acquire zoning, land variance and plot information, apply for building permits. They can also schedule, cancel or receive status on building inspections. As well, callers have access to general information such as location, hours of operation, directions and other general inquiries. Gold Systems’ Vonetix product and applications match customer’s voice requests made through the IVR system and accesses data in the LUEG’s KIVA database via the Vonetix Document Plug-In."

In addition to an improved customer interface, this solution offers enhanced reporting capabilities--enhancements in total number of calls, average calls per hour, peak calls per hour, peak hour and call duration, to name a few, for instance. These enhancements can provide essential information necessary to offer San Diego residents higher service levels.

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