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Kaidara Enhances Knowledge Base Data Tool

May 11, 2005

I met with Dr. Michel Manago on Monday for coffee and introductory discussion. Manago is the president and CEO of Kaidara Software, Inc.a company that develops software to build, manage and maintain knowledge bases for sharing and re-using problem-solving experiences, then distributing solutions to customers via a wide range of interaction channels. 

Founded in 1991, the company offers three core products: Advisor, Studio and Text2Data. Its three focused-on markets are service/support, knowledge management and product search, enabling customers in each to capture, organize, search & reason, and report & analyze across channels. Using Kaidara, search types can be form-based, text or Q&A, but they can also be blended -- always searching the same sources to assist in self-service and to allow agents to be quicker and more accurate in solving problems via all channels.

Text2Data assists customers in transforming unstructured (or semi-structured) data sources for inclusion in a knowledge base. Text2Data version 3, announced today, offers advanced text mining and data modeling capabilities for accurate retrieval and rapid re-use of unstructured information in order to expand knowledge bases that are used to pinpoint and solve complex customer support problems.

See the press release below regarding today's announcement of Kaidara's enhanced Text2Data tool. 


Kaidara’s Text2Data Accelerates Knowledgebase Creation

Intelligent Re-use of Unstructured Data for Resolution of Complex Customer Support Issues 

Los Altos, Calif. — May 11, 2005 — Kaidara Software, Inc., today announced the release of its Text2Data Version 3. This new version of the Text2Data tool is being released after an extensive and successful Beta Testing Program conducted with major customers such as DaimlerChrysler, NetJets, Rhodia and GM.

The enhancements to its Text2Data tool, which is used in conjunction with Kaidara Advisor, helps customers transform unstructured or semi-structured data sources for inclusion in a knowledgebase.   The improved features in Text2Data provide advanced text mining and data modeling capabilities for accurate retrieval and rapid reuse of unstructured information in order to expand knowledgebases used to diagnose and solve complex customer support problems.   

Text2Data Enhancements Close the Vocabulary Gap

In the most technical support departments, customer problems are typically captured and recorded in multiple unstructured or semi-structured data sources such as call records, technical manuals, FAQs, or trouble ticketing systems. This data often includes inconsistent vocabulary and use of multiple ways to describe the same problem.  For example, one problem description for an LCD projector may be described as "a yellow spot at the center of the screen," "a yellowish circle on the screen" or a "brown splotch right in the middle of the image.” In addition, information trapped in notes often includes abbreviations and spelling errors which add to the difficulty of capturing the content. 

Text2Data adds structure and meaning to textual information by extracting values and indexing the text with well defined domain concepts rather than with the many ways these can be referenced in the everyday language. Text2Data mines text directly to find concepts and to help uncover syntactic variations and synonyms that can be included in a data model. This produces information that can be exploited to find similarities between situations, issues and questions for accurate knowledge capture and retrieval of answers from a repository of possible solutions. 

Text2Data can also be used to enrich textual material so it can be analyzed with standard reporting tools and statistical techniques for decision-support.  Using reporting tools and analytic methods, customers can identify common patterns such as the frequency of a problem or the most effective path to problem resolution. In addition, the data can also be used to uncover problems caused by product design issues or identify forthcoming customer requirements such as the need for spare parts. 

“The new enhancements to Text2Data provide our customers with a powerful tool for extracting even greater value from their corporate memory,” stated Bob Tatemichi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, North America for Kaidara“The assisted data modeling from text capabilities enable our customers to go beyond resolution of complex issues and maximize the data captured by Kaidara Advisor to anticipate our customers’ future needs and further improve service.”

About Kaidara, Inc. 

Kaidara is an award-winning developer of software solutions which harness the experience and know-how within an organization to streamline resolution of complex questions and problems and reduce costs associated with delivering customer service.  By automating the creation and maintenance of a knowledge repository, Kaidara’s technology increases overall customer satisfaction, reducing the costs of collecting, retaining and reusing knowledge within service infrastructures such as websites, call centers, field service staff, interactive voice response units, email and other contact points.  The company’s solutions are deployed at leading global firms in the automotive, high technology, and manufacturing industries including DaimlerChrysler, Cisco, NEC and National Semiconductor. 

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