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Horizon Healthcare Receives Top Ranking With Siebel CRM

May 16, 2005

Siebel Systems, Inc., a provider of customer-facing solutions, today announced that Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc. was ranked No. 1 for member experience by independent research firm Synovate. Horizon is a long-time Siebel Systems customer (well, since 2002, anyway). The survey evaluated 62 healthcare markets, and Horizon’s performance advantage over its New Jersey competitors was the widest margin of any plan in Synovate’s national market research. 


Since deploying Siebel Healthcare in 2002, Horizon has achieved year-over-year improvement in its ranking by Synovate, this year earning the No. 1 spot, according to Siebel’s announcement. Siebel Healthcare is Siebel’s healthcare-specific CRM solution; it is designed to integrate member and provider communications channels, consolidate member and provider information across claims systems, and reduce plan administration costs.


Horizon has deployed Siebel Healthcare to 1,300 employees within its service organization, which handles 12 million calls each year. Siebel Healthcare is also used by 150,000 members and 5,000 provider offices via Siebel Systems provider portals and member portals. Siebel’s CRM solution displays customer information that has been integrated from three claims systems, creating a single, consolidated view of all claims information. When customers call into Horizon customer service or access customer information via the member or provider portals, all information is consistent and limits the need for agents to navigate between multiple systems to answer questions or fulfill requests.


In the past three years, Siebel Healthcare has enabled Horizon to improve member experiences — even as Horizon’s customer base grew by more than 25 percent. With Siebel Healthcare, Horizon has achieved an 86 percent or higher customer satisfaction rating and reduced average call wait times by 20 percent and cost per call by 25 percent, while improving first-call resolution of inquiries by 20 percent. Horizon has achieved these metrics without adding employees, an important part of keeping healthcare costs down, and instead has automated and streamlined provider and member-facing processes with Siebel Healthcare. 


In its research, Synovate found that Horizon outperformed all health plans in its market in 32 of 35 performance categories measuring member experience. The categories were evaluated throughout 2004, during which time Synovate researchers called members to evaluate performance of customer service agents, satisfaction with claims handling, seamlessness of enrollment processes, and successful resolution of questions on first contact, among other topics. Calls were made on a monthly basis, to measure consistency of service and performance throughout the year.


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