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Banana In Your Ear!

June 2, 2005

Rather than focus on cell phone technology here, I would like to call your attention to this cell phone accessory (you HAVE to look) that was brought to my attention by an apparently perceptive mobile technology/product follower.


Designed for both the flip cell phone and the bar cell phone, this “cell foam” cover, created by San Francisco company Nanaco, is a perfect gift for obnoxious people who are constantly on their phones in public and who are typically speaking in a voice and manner so that everyone within a 37-foot distance (I polled and measured for the average mean) HAS to hear the one side of the conversation (because everyone cares about, and thinks you’re cool for, the night before having gotten “dude, so drunk with Tara Reid’s assistant’s second cousin who swore she would put in a good word...seriously, she did!”).


And so, this is an ideal gift for those people. Enable them to look even more like monkeys when they’re being overly invasive of your auditory space (as well as the space of everyone within 37 feet in every direction).


(Also, something fun for straphangers to do: When getting onto the subway train — which is typically without a phone signal if underground — pretend to be talking on your cell phone without interruption; then watch nearly everyone who has noticed you on the train immediately try to make calls on their phones — obviously without success. Then look at them, sigh and shake your head as if they are as clueless and stupid-looking as the person standing next to them talking into a banana.)




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