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Macromedia Integrates 2 Key E-Learning Products

July 5, 2005

Online-communications provider Macromedia, Inc. today announced the integration of key e-learning products Macromedia Breeze and Macromedia Captivate 1.01, an integration aimed at enabling one-click publishing and full tracking of interactive training simulations within Breeze virtual classes and self-paced training courses. Together, Captivate and Breeze aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of software skills instruction, corporate software rollouts and help-desk applications.


Trainers and meeting presenters can “easily control Captivate playback within a Breeze meeting, either reviewing simulations with all participants at the same time or selecting ‘un-sync’ mode to allow each participant to interact with the simulation independently.” Interactions with Captivate simulation quizzes are fully tracked within the Breeze system for reporting or in-depth analysis.


Captivate 1.01 enables users to create professional-quality, interactive simulations and software demonstrations. Without any programming or multimedia skills, users can automatically record on-screen actions, including editable mouse movements, text captions and scored click boxes, and can add e-learning interactions (such as data-entry fields and customizable quizzes).


Breeze 5 enables the rapid creation, management, deployment and tracking of highly engaging online training that everyone can access instantly. Breeze delivers both self-paced courses and virtual classes within a common curriculum, and the product provides extensive tracking and reporting at both the learner level and the content/question level. In addition to incorporating Captivate content, the Breeze system can manage a wide range of content types, such as content created with Macromedia Flash or Macromedia Authorware.


Captivate and Breeze content is delivered with Macromedia Flash Player, which is currently installed on nearly 600 million Internet-connected desktops and mobile devices. Learners can instantly access Captivate and Breeze content anywhere, anytime without cumbersome downloads. Both solutions support technology standards for Web-based learning systems.  


The new Captivate 1.01 update is now available for download, free of charge, for current Captivate users.

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