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A Virtual Wedding: "I Do" Via Cell Phone

July 6, 2005

It’s assumed that you love one another, or at least that you’ll grow to do so after you meet. One of you proposes, unless it’s arranged. Months are spent planning the big event. Every last detail is considered, expected and prepared.


But what is truly undependable is the weather, especially those pesky little torrential rains in western India recently.


And yet another way to use your cell phones —  


With heavy rains thrashing Gujarat, India, over the past week, according to Reuters yesterday, an Indian couple exchanged their wedding vows via cell phone when the bridegroom was unable to make it to the marriage ceremony because of the rains that have killed more than 125 people and left thousands homeless in a matter of days.


The “virtual” marriage was solemnized by a chief priest after severe flooding in Gujarat state prevented Ashifkhan Jahurkhan, 25, (and his family) from reaching the bride’s house in Bombay. Normal life has come to a standstill with rail links in Gujarat disrupted for days.


Witnesses on both ends of the line kept their phones on speaker mode to ensure all relatives “heard the bride and groom assent” during the 30-minute ceremony. 


The groom told Reuters, “We made the best use of technology. It was impossible for me and my family to reach Bombay as roads are flooded with water.”


Hopefully, their cellular service provides the family plan.




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