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Talisma Manages Cruise Line Guests' Diverse Questions

July 6, 2005

Talisma, a provider of multichannel CRM solutions, today announced that Carnival Cruise Lines has selected Talisma Multi-channel CRM for passenger communication management.


As consumers are more frequently preferring e-mail communication, and with Carnival’s growth, the cruise line evaluated CRM e-mail solutions to address the increasing need to systematically manage all e-mail correspondence. Carnival Cruise Lines finally selected Talisma Multi-channel CRM because of the product’s integrated multichannel platform, the ease of deployment and delivery, and ultimately, the “unmatched economics associated with the Talisma Multi-channel CRM e-mail solution.”


Talisma Multi-channel CRM integrates chat, e-mail, phone and real-time collaboration with a robust multichannel interaction management platform, comprehensive analytics and a fully integrated knowledge base and customer database.


Carnival’s guests often have a bevy of diverse questions, and they expect quick and accurate answers to those questions.


Hypothetical guests’ possible questions for quick and accurate response: 


“How much time is allotted the guests at each stop the ship makes?”

“Is there an unlimited amount of rum kept on-board the ship?”

“Is there a doctor on-board the ship at all times for treatment if I drink too much rum?”

“Are pants required on every level of the ship?”


Talisma enables the guests’ requests to be addressed in a personable and timely manner, as promptly as if by a phone call: 


“It depends on the cruise tour you take.”

“There’s a lot.”

“Yes, there is a doctor who can treat guests for many things.”

“Good question — comes up a lot. Many guests wear bathing suits, even Speedos. Again, it depends on the cruise tour you take.”


For managing such e-mail correspondence, Carnival Cruise Lines selected Talisma to replace its existing solution because Talisma offered the depth of functionality Carnival required, as well as the best-practice methodologies that Carnival will rely upon to meet its customer service goals. Talisma Multi-channel CRM combines the power of completely integrated channels, total customer communication management and value-added services to offer improved customer satisfaction at a significantly lower cost. 


Editor’s Note: Proper journalistic research was not actually done to confirm whether or not pants of any kind are, in fact, required on only certain levels of the aforementioned cruise line’s 110,000-ton SuperLiners.




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