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It's Harder To Make It Easier

July 13, 2005

So says Entellium CEO Paul Johnston. But he will tell you that he's made it easier to make things easier.

Entellium today announced the commercial availability of its PRO-Activity Release 2005, a comprehensive set of enhancements for the company’s CRM suite. The new release comes after a year-long initiative, what Entellium says involved more than 43,000 hours of research into CRM usage behavior.

The CRM’s redesign is built around sales and service representatives’ need to complete their daily — often routine, operative and pragmatic — automation activities more quickly.

Entellium claims a number of industry firsts with this release’s features — and the company’s claims are not far off:  

This newest release of PRO-Activity also includes an Activity Quota Planner feature, allowing managers to assign and track quotas on all activities that lead to results (e.g., number of cold calls, appointments scheduled, lead generation targets, etc.).


Aimed at the SMB market, Entellium includes sophisticated business process automation normally reserved for enterprise level companies. 


“We’re continually seeing many CRM providers who began specifically for the SMBs, but who are then forgetting about that market and going after the enterprises,” Johnston told me in a recent interview. “Our bottom-up design simplifies the user experience to match how individual users are most likely to plan their daily activities, and fully automating asinine tasks they shouldn’t have to worry about but often do because other CRM vendors still require the employees to have to do.”


Entellium’s competition includes, RightNow and Siebel. Johnston says his CRM product stands apart from these because it's "better by design," as well as its user centricity and activity centricity: People achieve because of what they do and how. And the "ergonomics" of the product enables fewer clicks, less time in the application, high user adoption and, well, "it's fun to use."


A differentiator of the company lies in its modularity. Entellium offers a complete modular suite: sales, marketing and customer service are available by module; and modules can be subscribed to individually. Further, it’s hosted, and contracts are voluntary.


For more information regarding this release, visit Entellium and TMCnet CRM columnist David Sims’ news article.




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