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iCode Upgrades Business App. Suite

July 26, 2005

iCode, Inc., a provider of business application suite solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, this week launches Everest Advanced 2.1, the latest version of the company’s flagship offering. The new features include enhancements in accounting, inventory management and e-commerce.


Everest Advanced 2.1’s many new capabilities include the following: third-party integration; enhanced compatibility with third-party technologies such as Crystal Reports 10 and Starship; more robust accounting capabilities (as payment terms can be determined based on criteria included in credit memos, invoices, new orders and credit invoices); enhanced order fulfillment and inventory management capabilities, such as automatic stock assignments, real-time credit card processing and batch payment processing; and improved POS support and e-commerce options.


(See the upcoming August issue of Customer Interaction Solutions magazine for an illustration of the application suite in use.)


The full announcement is below. 



iCode Upgrades Its Business Application Suite for Small and Medium Businesses 

DULLES, Virg.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 25, 2005-- Everest Advanced 2.1 Offers Several New Accounting, Inventory Management and e-Commerce Capabilities


iCode, Inc., a provider of business application suite solutions for SMBs, yesterday launched Everest Advanced 2.1, the latest version of its flagship offering. Everest Advanced 2.1 includes several key improvements in performance, quality and functionality that significantly improve SMBs' ability to increase the productivity and efficiency of their growing businesses. The new features in Everest 2.1, which include enhancements in accounting, inventory management, and e-Commerce, will provide SMBs with an unparalleled view into their entire business.


"Everest Advanced 2.1 reflects the most comprehensive and fully integrated business application suite for growing small businesses such as ours," said Tarun Bhakta, president of Vision Computers. "iCode understands the need for small businesses to have complete clarity into their entire business; and Everest Advanced 2.1 further improves on this with several new features. iCode empowers us to manage and run our business with ease and sophistication, impacting our business where it matters most."


With the release of Everest Advanced 2.1, iCode has responded to the market's biggest challenges when it comes to optimizing and managing all business, financial and online operations from a single point. Everest Advanced 2.1 addresses these concerns with several new capabilities, including:


-- Enhanced Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management Capabilities:

-- Automatic Stock Assignments: Allows users to determine the sequence in which bins will be searched when an order is being automatically fulfilled. This flexibility eliminates redundancy and expedites order processing and fulfillment.

-- Real-Time Credit Card Processing: Adds the ability to automatically use prior-authorizations to complete payment, fulfill, and ship all pending orders in a single step. Expanded integration to support ICVerify and PC-Charge including the capability to process real-time Web transactions.

-- Batch Payment Processing: Updated to expedite processing speed specifically for large transaction volume businesses, providing unparalleled productivity improvements.

-- More Robust Accounting Capabilities:

-- Payment terms can be determined based on criteria included in credit memos, invoices, new orders, and credit invoices, giving users greater control over customer account status and reducing the possibility of selling to non-paying customers.

-- Reporting: More streamlined AR and AP aging reports that can be generated into multiple formats designed to expedite collection efforts.

-- Multiple Tax Calculations: Conducts and supports tiered sales tax structures for states which impose sliding tax scales, therefore reducing risks associated with manual miscalculations.

-- Third-Party Integration: Greater compatibility with third-party technologies such as Crystal Reports 10, and Starship.

-- Improved POS Support and e-Commerce Options:

-- Optimized end-of-day reconciliation reports.

-- Improved pricing flexibility for retail POS register environments operating on different price books in multiple locations.

-- Improved shopper experience: Item Matrixes can be configured to display available combinations (style, color, and size--in a single drop-down menu.)

-- Enhanced security: Fraud protection with optional login and password requirements.


"iCode strives to provide world-class support for its growing customer base. As part of that support, we are committed to releasing regular product upgrades that ensure continuous improvements are made in functionality and performance," said James E. McGowan, president and CEO of iCode, Inc. "Everest Advanced 2.1 continues to demonstrate our innovative leadership position by providing SMBs with extensive functionality that allows them to quickly manage and track their business online and offline; from the front- to back-office with a single software solution."


Everest Advanced 2.1 is available now.

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