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Loquendo to Unveil Latest Speech Tech

July 26, 2005

Speech technology provider Loquendo will be unveiling its very latest developments in speech technology from August 1-4, 2005. The company will be demonstrating an array of new functionalities and tools.


Loquendo TTS now supports MRCPv1 and v2, as well as the new Lexicon Editor tool, which uses phonetic mapping to automatically suggest the transcription of foreign words. The speech technology company will be introducing its long-awaited feature -- customizable Loquendo TTS voices, wherein timbre, rate and pitch can be edited and saved to create a new, tailored persona to better fit customers' needs.


Loquendo ASR 6.7 features a suite of tools that can dramatically improve speech-application performance, without the need for specific technical know-how. It includes Loquendo Phonetic Learning, a technology that automatically identifies unforeseen user utterances, as well Loquendo Acoustic Model adaptation, a tool that enables integrators to efficiently adapt their own acoustic models.


Alongside Loquendo ASR's full-standard W3C grammar formalism support, the company will present both SRGS and W3C Semantic Interpretation, SR, which completes Loquendo's SRGS grammars.


Loquendo will be unveiling its new voice platform, VoxNauta 7.0, a software-only, multi-OS platform, integrating the latest releases of Loquendo TTS, Loquendo ASR and Loquendo Speaker Verification through the MRCP v2 protocol. VoxNauta provides compliance and offers a software-only implementation of the SIP-RTP VoIP interface. As well, it provides analog and digital network boards support, ensuring low network integration costs for the customer.


Loquendo will be premiering its latest developments from August 1 - 4, 2005, during SpeechTEK at the New York Marriott Marquis. Representatives of the company will also be offering speeches and discussions throughout the NYC exposition. 

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