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Bushy Brows

August 23, 2005

Yet another reason New Yorkers are better than you (or another reason for New Yorkers to be proud) —


Frank Ames, 43, from Saranac in Clinton County, NY, has made the Guinness Book of World Records. He has accomplished such a feat in a new entry — made specifically for him — for the longest eyebrow hair.

Ames measured in at 3.78 inches, or nearly eight centimeters.


“I don’t know why it grows like that; it just always has,” the local hero told the Press-Republican of Plattsburgh. 


Ken Joy, a machinist and measuring expert at Bombardier, measured the hair in February 2004 with Plattsburgh Mayor Daniel Stewart and the city's entire Common Council standing by as witnesses.


Ames is now on page 24 of the 2006 edition, in the “Body Parts” section.


From TMC, our congratulations and respect go out to you, Ames, a true achiever, inspiration and New Yorker.




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