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codename: Operation Pegasus

August 25, 2005

...or, Operation Pegasus: Hackers’ Flight To Jail 

...2x or, Hackers Who Stole Millions of Dollars From Online Bankers Are Busted In a Raid Named After a Horse With Wings...Yeah

Brazilian police earlier today arrested 85 people accused of stealing more than $33 million by hacking into Internet users’ online bank accounts, authorities said.


The raid, dubbed Operation Pegasus, was carried out by 410 federal police officers across seven states.


According to Reuters, this is one of the biggest crackdowns on electronic crime in Brazil.


After a four-month investigation, 105 arrest warrants were issued in all. The investigation found that the suspects had pocketed circa 80 million reais in the scam.


Studies show that, while most Brazilians do not have computers in their home, those who do are among the most avid Internet users in the world, especially when it comes to private banking.






Interestingly, according to Absolute Astronomy there have been two other operations codenamed “Operation Pegasus”:


Operation Pegasus was an Allied action in World War II as a consequence of the failure of Operation Market Garden. Some surviving soldiers from the 1st Airborne Division had avoided capture and sought shelter in the forests to the west around Ede. Operation Pegasus was the efforts to bring these soldiers across the Rhine on October 22-23, 1944.


Operation Pegasus was the relief of the besieged Marine Corps garrison at Khe Sanh during the Vietnam War. Helicopters moved of elements of the U.S. First Cavalry Division to a landing zone. There they linked up with a relief column traveling overland to the city on April 7, 1968.

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