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New Indian Outsourcing Initiative

August 25, 2005

An interesting initiative regarding the Indian outsourcing industry —


A project is in its infancy to gather the work histories of all Indian outsourcers’ employees in order to fight data fraud, according to the country’s main software trade body today.


The records will be controlled by a government-mandated electronic depository and used by companies to screen prospective employees.


A pilot project covering workers at a handful of call centers was launched this week, National Association of Software Service Companies' president, Kiran Karnik, told AP. The project will eventually expand to cover other back-office workers and software programmers.


Participation in the database by workers will be voluntary, although companies may eventually require it as a prerequisite for employment, he said. The work histories will be kept by National Securities Depository Ltd., which was set up under government regulations and currently keeps securities worth $380 billion for 6.6 million investors in electronic form.


According to numbers reported by AP, India accounts for 44 percent of the revenues generated from businesses outsourced by such companies as those providing telemarketing, customer service, payroll accounting and credit card processing. As those of us in or covering the telecom and outsourcing industries know, in India wages are low and skilled professionals abundant.


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