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A Bit About Gomez, Q2 Results

August 29, 2005

An Internet performance management intelligence company called Gomez, Inc. this morning announced record revenue and bookings for the quarter ended June 30, 2005. I am not very familiar with the company, but its company name caught my eye. (There is also a fantastic UK band by the same name; also the name of the patriarch of the Addams Family.) It's a good name.


This Gomez, founded in 1997, supplies enterprise solutions designed for assisting companies in achieving and maintaining high-level performance of mission-critical Internet applications. 


Gomez experienced strong demand in the EMEA and North American markets with 26 percent of new business in the second quarter coming from the EMEA market. The company has now experienced 15 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth.


Bookings and revenue increased 41 percent and 52 percent respectively, compared to the same quarter last year. New business and contract growth generated 40 percent of quarterly bookings. Contract renewals remained strong at 94 percent.


Other Q2 highlights include the following:


°  Screen Capture on Error -- Enables users to quickly understand the sequence of steps that led to a failed transaction facilitating faster problem identification and service restoration. 

°   GPN Dashboard -- Continuously analyzes and presents real-time GPN information so that business executives or NOC personnel can understand Web performance, availability and quality of service across multiple strategic locations and applications.

For more about this company, visit its Web site here:




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