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Sheepish Reality T.V. Stars

September 16, 2005

Too many damn reality shows on T.V.? You know it.

Is the 24-hour daily livings of sheep one of them? Ewe know it.


A new reality show has been launched on the Internet in Croatia. Instead of obnoxious wannabe-actors (15 minutes, anyone?), the concept of this Internet-based reality show involves a cast completely consisting of sheep.


Instead of money, the winner of the 10-day show will receive...poetry. (Oh, this is too stupid even for Mark Burnett.) Similar to that other lousy but still existing “reality” show, cast members are voted off; those voted off from this seven-member herd might be eaten. (A true survivor show...)


The Internet show, which closes on September 17th, can be followed 24 hours a day at After watching sheep eat and interact, viewers can vote them off.


Human rights groups were recently fuming, reporting animal abuse to local vet inspectors. To this, the show’s organizer told the Vecernji List daily, “I am not an insensitive bastard who abuses animals. We’ve called a vet for those sheep that were in poorer shape."


Touché. I guess that makes all other "sheep" in all other reality shows fair game.


For the full story, visit Reuters UK.




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