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'Rio-style' Customer Feedback

September 29, 2005

A few typical abilities in the field of CRM solutions, in relation with customer service: analytics, reporting and surveys, etc.


Customer service solutions providers better make sure these aforementioned features are totally effective; yes, make sure service-seeking consumers and customers have the option to voice their thoughts w/r/t service experience, because you really don’t want your clients to be receiving “Rio-style” customer feedback (as reported yesterday by Reuters):


Consumer feedback, Rio style... 


An angry passenger on a crammed bus in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro set the vehicle ablaze after it broke down and the driver ordered everyone off.


The bus stopped with a boiling radiator in the poor Campo Grande neighborhood Monday and the driver told passengers it would not complete its route, a fire department official said Tuesday.


One passenger returned with a bottle of alcohol, sprayed it inside the bus and set it alight, ignoring a fare collector who was still inside.


The fare collector jumped out just in time to avoid the fire but the blaze destroyed the bus and also damaged nearby electricity and telephone wires.


Police were searching for the arsonist, who fled.


Residents of Rio's slums sometimes torch buses to protest police killings of innocent people during raids against drug gangs. But police said this case was different.


"It was just one furious, stressed out passenger," a police officer said.

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